Serving you THE BILLIONAIRE SHOP. Because we take good care of our winners.


The Billionaire Shop brings you the finest products in the spectrum of a wealthy lifestyle such as cars, helicopters, boats, watches and jewelry to residences and jets. With a special curated selection from brands across the globe, The Billionaire Shop provides the ultimate shopping experience for real winners.



Christened as the premier online shopping joint for the rich, the Billionaire shop has lived up to the expectations of luxurious shoppers. It was set up in 2012, to connect the lucky Lotto jackpot winners with exclusive and rare products that match their lifestyle and expression. The products range from luxurious fully-furnished houses to eye-catching automobiles.

An Initiative From Multilotto Operators

Probably you have been wondering where you will spend the million Euros after you strike that coveted jackpot. Faced with such a challenge, Multilotto helps you to link up with the Billionaire Shop for all your jackpot spending.

A brilliant idea that will see you get the latest motorcycles, designer clothes, jewellery and watches at the click of a button. Also, personalised jets, helicopters and yachts, are available!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Billionaire Shop

How Do I Connect With The Billionaire Shop?

Connecting and placing an order is an effortless online process that will take you just a few minutes. With a single tap on your browsing device, they are just a few clicks away. The site is compatible with all operating systems. As such, whether you have an Android phone or a tablet, you can reach us any time of the day. Likewise, for iOS lovers, whether you have an iPad, iPhone or a Macbook, you can easily contact us and get your orders placed with our faceless, yet super-efficient system.

How Fast Are The Billionaire Shop Deliveries?

Once you have placed an order and paid, worry not, for deliveries are smoothly executed. However, depending on your geographical location, there are varied delivery timelines. For the European customers, the delivery team will knock at your door within 14 business days after a successful purchase. For clients in the United States Of America, the delivery time is 20 working days. For the Asian market and the rest of the World, deliveries will take up to 25 business days. Importantly, there are no extra shipping charges, as the cost is all-inclusive.

Are There Refunds Or Exchanges Just In Case?

The terms for refunds and possible exchanges are clearly laid out. As such, if the product delivered does not meet your expectation, you can return it within 14 days at your own expense. However, the item being returned must be in the original packaging and be flawless and unused. If for some reason the packaging is damaged, then there will be a fee based on the total sum of the order. Once returned, the item can either be exchanged, or you can receive a full refund. It is worthwhile noting that the exchanges and refunds process may take up to 30 working days.

What Are You Buying With Your Winnings?

Have you ever been excited by the jackpot winning news? Well, the Billionaire Shop is stepping in to boost your excitement with some amazing and luxurious deals. Products available include the enviable Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche cars, rare Harley Davidson motorcycles, expensive wrist-watches and customised Cessna Mustang private jets!