You'll never guess where this woman hid her €5.400.000 winning ticket

Lotto winners tend to get very creative when they start looking for a place to hide their winning ticket, in hope no one will ever find it. One woman from Dublin was worried for the safety of her lucky slip worth €5.400.000 and decided to hide it inside her sports bra!

The fortunate woman correctly matched the winning numbers 5, 14, 28, 29, 32 and 38 in the Irish Lotto draw on December 23rd. She purchased the ticket at the WH Smith shop at arrivals in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport while picking up one of her family members. After finding out how much the ticket was worth, she picked a very peculiar hiding place to keep it safe.

“I was looking to see where the safest place was for the ticket so I tucked it into the cup of a sports bra and then hid it in the very back of my wardrobe... just to be doubly safe. It’s funny now looking back but that is genuinely the safest place I could actually think of at the time,” explained the fortunate woman.

She collected the €5.400.000 windfall with the rest of her family syndicate from Dublin. It took them a few weeks to officially come forward after discovering they became millionaires just in time for their Christmas dinner. Winner’s mother was preparing the meal for the whole family when she heard something exciting while listening to the radio. 

“I heard it on the news as I was peeling the potatoes as part of preparations for Christmas dinner. I knew my daughter bought our family ticket in the airport. I got her to go out to the car and check, and the next thing they were all shouting. One of the family even fell to the floor with the excitement,” recalled the family’s matriarch.

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