Woman hides her €2.000.000 ticket inside fake eyelashes case

Major lotto winners often come up with creative new ways to keep their tickets safe, but one woman from Wexford took things to a new level. She was so scared someone would steal her Irish Lotto ticket worth €2.000.000 that she decided to hide it inside her fake eyelashes case.


Fortunate lady correctly guessed the six main winning numbers 6, 26, 27, 32, 45 and 47 in the Irish Lotto draw on June 16th. She was on a holiday with her family in the small fishing village Kilmore Quay when this life-changing victory took place. The Wexford resident bought the golden ticket on a whim while having an ice cream with her loved ones at the Brady’s Mace Store.


After hearing the news about the winning ticket being sold in Kilmore Quay, she decided to finally check the numbers. Her husband was by her side and he warned her to be careful before entering the last one, claiming it could change her life. It turned out he was right since their ticket ended up being worth €2.000.000!


The couple spent almost three weeks waiting to come forward and the wife found a perfect hiding place in the meantime. She was scared someone would break into their house and steal the ticket, so she neatly folded it into her fake eyelashes case. The €2.000.000 winner was certain burglars would never go through a woman’s make-up bag, and she felt nothing could go wrong as long as the ticket was in a safe place.


She said it was “truly magical” to discover how much money they’ve won and admitted her family is still coming to terms with their victory. The couple only shared the news with close family members and they’ll be looking for a way to discreetly help people in their local community.

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