Woman finds a €1.000.000 winning ticket while cleaning her house

Cleaning a house after Christmas is one of the chores most of us would rather skip, but it proved to be very fun and exciting for one woman from Dublin. The anonymous lotto player found one of her old tickets while doing a clean-up after the big holiday, only to discover it’s worth €1.000.000!

The fortunate woman purchased her winning Euromillions ticket for the draw on October 27th, during the weekend she spent in Carrick-on-Shannon, located in County Leitrim. She ended up winning €1.000.000 in the Ireland Only Raffle, but it took her quite some time to check her number. During her Christmas clean-up, the anonymous lady came across her lucky slip and finally decided to scan it. Message popped up on her phone informing her she should contact the National Lottery, and she was ecstatic after hearing she’s about to start the New Year with €1.000.000 in her bank account.

“It was the strangest feeling in my life to be told that I had become a millionaire with a ticket I had bought last October, I still cannot believe that this is happening to me,” she said.

The anonymous winner said the victory won’t feel real until the cheque clears in her bank account. She will take that time to think about her options, but new home and a car are currently on the top of her wish list.
“The money will give me the option to do a lot of things I would never have dreamed of. I’m going to have a little peek at some houses and maybe even a car upgrade as soon as I see all those zeros in my bank account,” said the fortunate woman.

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