Waterford family spends a sleepless weekend after discovering a €1.000.000 win

When you realize you became €1.000.000 richer overnight, sleep is usually the last thing on your mind. That’s exactly why members of one lucky family from Waterford didn’t get any rest for a whole weekend after checking one of their Euromillions tickets.

Family syndicate made a life-changing purchase while visiting a friend at Waterford University Hospital. It took them a while to realize how much the ticket was worth, because they originally thought their prize amounted to €5.000. Everything changed when they checked the raffle number. It was thrilling to discover their windfall was much larger than they first thought and they “haven’t been able to sleep all weekend with the excitement”.

Members of the lucky syndicate don’t want to get too carried away after collecting €1.000.000 and they’re still getting used to the news. According to family’s spokesperson, they are incredibly close family and winning this enormous prize as a group is the best part of their victory. The cash reward will be divided equally between the members, but they’re yet to make plans for the future. A couple of mortgages will probably have to be paid off before they start celebratory spending.

Members of the lucky family weren’t the only ones celebrating this exciting win. Staff and patients at Waterford University Hospital were buzzing with excitement after discovering someone became €1.000.000 richer thanks to the ticket they’ve purchased at their favourite Aramark Shop. Store manager Patrick Casey described it as unbelievable news and said there was a massive excitement in the hospital at the prospect of a staff member, a visitor or even a patient was lucky enough to win this huge amount of money.

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