Time is running out for a €1.000.000 Euromillions winner from Cork

It’s always devastating when huge lotto prizes don’t end up in the hands of their rightful owners, and that’s exactly what could happen to one Euromillions enthusiasts from Cork. It’s been over two months since this mysterious player became the winner of an impressive €1.000.000 prize, but they’re yet to come forward and collect this life-changing cash reward.

The fortunate punter scooped the €1.000.000 prize in the Euromillions draw on February 23rd, after buying the ticket at the Eason store located in the Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork. It was the night when this game offered 25 guaranteed prizes of €1.000.000 in the special European Millionaire Maker raffle. One of the codes was matched by a single ticket holder from Ireland, but their identity remains a mystery. Irish players have up to 90 days from the date of the draw to claim their prizes and the time is running out. If this winner doesn’t come forward until May 24th, the money will be used for raising funds for good causes.

Euromillions winners who scooped a fortune thanks to matching the Millionaire Maker code sometimes don’t realize it right away. After seeing they didn’t correctly guess the numbers in the main draw, they’re too disappointed to check the rest of the ticket. That’s why Dermot Griffin, chief executive of the National Lottery, encouraged them to search through their homes, cars and pockets, because a little piece of paper worth €1.000.000 could be hiding there.

“We have no idea if this is somebody who is unaware of their good fortune, or if they know and are taking their time to make their claim. But we urge anybody who bought a Euromillions ticket in Cork two months ago to check their numbers just in case,” said Griffin.

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