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Lotto news

Syndicate from Kansas City wins $1.000.000 after a year of playing together

Starting a lotto syndicate is one of the fun activates in many work environments, and every once in a while it proves as a very profitable one as well. The latest case in point is a group of nine co-workers from Kansas City, who recently became $1.000.000 richer thanks to Powerball. This game could bring you an even larger fortune – play now to scoop €205.100.000!

The nine syndicate members, who met each other while working at EPIQ Systems in Kansas City, matched the five main winning Powerball numbers on May 13th. It’s been a year since they started buying lottery tickets together, and they usually do so when the jackpot reaches a nine-digit sum.

“I always buy quick pick tickets at the same store. I take a photo of the tickets and send it by email to everyone who has participated. I also keep a spreadsheet that shows the amount each person has contributed. The amount contributed determines the amount each person receives when we win,” explained the syndicate leader Cathy Wissing, and added the prize amount each syndicate member will receive ranges from $182.000 to $10.000.

Staci Werkowitch was the first one to check their ticket, and immediately called Ms. Wissing to share the lucky news. When she reached her on her phone, her voice was quivering and she was screaming.

“I had the original tickets in my purse, so we turned around and went to a grocery store to check them. Once we were sure of the amount we’d won, the group of us texted back and forth all day,” recalled Ms. Wissing.

The members of the EPIQ Financial Team didn’t share any concrete plans for the future, but one thing is for sure – they’ll keep running the office pool, in hope of an even larger prize.