Small syndicate from Leinster collects a spectacular €7.200.000 jackpot

Sharing the news about your lotto victory is one of the most exciting parts of becoming the jackpot millionaire – especially when you get to share the prize money with others, as well. A small group of friends from Leinster experienced this first hand after discovering they’re about to receive a life-changing €7.200.000 windfall.

The members of the fortunate syndicate correctly match the six main numbers 9, 26, 27, 29, 31 and 47 in the Irish Lotto draw on February 21st. They used to take turns buying lotto tickets at a local store, but this time around they used the National Lottery app instead. Syndicate leader heard the news about the winning ticket being sold online while driving and immediately decided to check their numbers.

“My heart skipped a beat and I pulled over and checked the numbers against ours, and they were matching! I sat in the car for a few minutes unable to process what was happening. Eventually I just rang the other members and started spreading the word,” recalled the lucky winner.

Another member of the syndicate was worried after checking their phone in the morning, and noticing a total of 32 missed calls from their friends. Luckily, they were calling to share the good news and things ended well for all the parties involved. It’s been a couple of days since the group of friends scooped €7.200.000, but they’re still coming to terms with this surprising victory. All the members stayed anonymous after collecting the money, and said they don’t intend to share the news with anyone outside their group.

“It’s a surreal feeling but it is absolutely fantastic to share this experience with my friends. Even though we aren’t going to tell anyone else about our stroke of luck, this is something we will have forever with each other,” explained one of the winners.

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