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Lotto news

Seven people in Ohio have won the lottery more than 100 times

Playing the lottery on regular basis means you’re going to win every once in a while too, even if the prize is only large enough to cover your next ticket. If it happens very often you’ll probably lose count after a while, but lottery officials in Ohio are keeping score. According to their recent report, in the last three years there have been seven players who won the lottery more than 100 times. When the pay-out amounts to €184.500.000, winning once is more than enough – play Powerball and this astonishing windfall could end up in your hands!

Analysis of the Ohio lottery database has shown that each of the seven residents won more than $100.000 in total. One of the winners, who lives in Middleburg Heights, scooped $583.000 by playing 142 lottery games since the beginning of 2014. During this same time period, another lotto enthusiast from Polk earned over $154.000 with around 150 lottery tickets.

Majority of the winners come from northeast Ohio, but that’s pretty much all we know about them. They refused to talk to reporters, or couldn’t be reached at all, so the secret of their great success stays a mystery. It’s safe to assume they’re regular lotto players, and majority of their prizes aren’t worth more than a few dollars, but we’ll never know for sure.

“If you’re asking me about the odds of that occurring, it would probably be considered an outlier," said Jack O'Donnell, security deputy director of the Ohio Lottery after being asked to explain this amazing occurrence.