Running errands for her mother-in-law leads one woman to a €5.600.000 jackpot

One fortunate woman from Cork became Ireland’s latest lotto millionaire when she scooped a €5.600.000 jackpot, but someone else is taking the credit for this incredible victory. The lucky lady probably wouldn’t buy her golden ticket in the first place if her mother-in-law didn’t ask her to pick up some eggs at a local store.

The anonymous resident of Crosshaven matched the six main numbers 2, 17, 24, 25, 35 and 40 in the Irish Lotto draw on March 24th to scoop the incredible €5.685.000 jackpot. She purchased the ticket at the Centra Store in Crosshaven while she was buying some eggs for her mother-in-law.

“There were so many happy coincidences which have led us to this win, it’s just incredible when you think about it. Something told me to buy an extra line and of course that was the lucky line which won us the €5.600.000. Somebody was definitely looking after me that day.” said the lucky mom of three.

Fortunate couple didn’t want to share their identity with the public, but their friends and neighbours in Crosshaven know who they are and they’ve been a tremendous support to the family after the news were announced. The couple is still coming to terms with the fact they are now millionaires, but they want to return to their normal lives after celebrating this incredible victory.

“We’re going to get the all-important cheque into the bank and we will be taking a few weeks out to decide what the long-term plan is. We have a very young family so we will be very mindful of their futures when any decisions are made,” explained the €5.600.000 winner.

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