Religious couple from Dublin collects a €1.000.000 lottery windfall

Luck plays a significant role in each lotto victory, so it’s not difficult to see why some people believe a higher power was at work when they became lotto winners. That’s the case with one couple from Dublin, who went straight to church to say a prayer of thanks before collecting their divine €1.000.000 windfall.

The anonymous winners correctly guessed the main winning numbers 2, 3, 11, 17, 22 and 30 in Ireland’s the Daily Millions draw on February 21st. The husband is avid lottery player and he tries his luck with this game in every draw, but discovering he actually matched the entire winning line still came as a huge surprise.

“I play Daily Millions regularly and checked my ticket in my local shop the day after the draw. The scanning machine told me to ring the National Lottery. But like any good man the first thing I did was ring my wife! We are still processing this big win. It is surreal but we are delighted,” said the fortunate man.

On their way to collect the life-changing €1.000.000 prize, the secretive couple went to their local church because they wanted say a prayer of thanks. They joked that “the Holy Spirit must have been looking over them” at the time when they purchased the golden ticket.

“This will make a huge difference to us and will make life a lot more comfortable. We have not told anybody at all about the win. We will wait a few weeks before we do. We want to let this sink in and we are determined it will be life as normal. We are both working and that won’t change” concluded the husband.

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