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Prepare for Powerball on Saturday night – €204.900.000 will be offered!

The long run of Powerball rollovers continued this Wednesday night when lotto enthusiasts didn’t match all the winning numbers for the 13th time in a row. Could you succeed where they’ve failed? Play Powerball and you could get a chance to turn your life around with an astonishing €204.900.000 windfall!

The last Powerball draw that didn’t bring much luck to anyone took place on May 17th – all players failed to correctly guess the winning combination 4, 11, 39, 45 and 48 with the Power Ball 9. One resident of Oregon was very close to becoming a multi- millionaire, but snatched $1.000.000 for matching the five main numbers instead. The sum total of all non-jackpot prizes won that night amounted to $7.655.000 and it was shared between more than 865.000 people.

Powerball isn’t the only game with a super-impressive prize out there. Many European lotteries are currently offering staggering jackpots, and Euromillions is leading the game. It has been rolling over for more than a month, and the last draw that failed to produce a jackpot winner took place this Tuesday night. The winning numbers were 8, 11, 15, 20 and 30 with the Lucky Stars 3 and 8, which marks another occasion when popular numbers under 31, based on special dates, didn’t turn anyone into a multi-millionaire. Two players from the UK and one from Portugal were really close to snatching a top prize, but ended up winning €372.000 each after missing a jackpot by one of the Lucky Stars. Tonight’s draw could make you €107.000.000 richer – buy a ticket HERE and try your luck!

There’s also a way to win some extra cash while you’re waiting for Powerball and Euromillions numbers to be drawn – Mega Moolah could make you $3.412.000 richer right now!

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