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Limerick resident plans an exotic holiday season thanks to a €5.800.000 jackpot

Most people spend the winter coping with snow and rain, but one lucky person from Limerick is no longer concerned about the harsh weather conditions. The anonymous lotto enthusiast recently collected €5.800.000 and plans to celebrate the victory with family trips to Barbados and Caribbean.

The fortunate punter correctly matched the six main numbers 4, 16, 18, 24, 32 and 35 in the Irish Lotto draw on November 25th, with a ticket they’ve purchased at the General Post Office on Cecil Street in Limerick City. The winner didn’t check the numbers right away, but decided to do so after hearing the news on the radio about the €5.800.000 jackpot being won in their area.

“The feeling is still indescribable when I realised I had won the jackpot. It was kind of like an out-of-body experience! It’s fantastic – and to happen just before Christmas,” said the delighted Limerick resident.

The €5.800.000 winner is now looking forward to clearing their mortgage, and taking their family to several exotic holidays, starting with a trip to Barbados shortly after Christmas. They claim this victory won’t drastically change the lives of their family – they intend to keep working, but retiring a couple years early became a luxury they can afford. The winner also intends to splash out a little bit of extra money on this year’s Christmas gifts.

“I still have to cook Christmas dinner for the entire family but this year my win will make it a lot more pleasant! The whole family will be getting slightly more extravagant Christmas presents than originally planned,” said the anonymous Limerick resident.

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