Limerick family wins €111.000 during a special trip to Dublin

Lotto players usually discover their victories in their home county, but members of one fortunate Limerick family were on the road when their Irish Lotto win took place. They travelled to Dublin to watch All-Ireland Hurling semi-final and returned with €111.000 in their pockets.

They made the most of their trip to the capital, and described it as a weekend they will never forget. The winners couldn’t be in a better mood while entering the Croke Park, because they discovered their Irish Lotto win before heading to the epic face-off between Limerick and Cork. The family scooped the impressive €111.000 windfall by correctly matching five of the main numbers and bonus ball on July 14th.

Their winning ticket was purchased at the Gala store on Sheare Street in Kilmallock, but it took them two weeks to officially come forward. One of the family members admitted he’s “notorious for buying lottery tickets and never checking them” and that’s what happened this time around. After noticing his wallet was stuffed with tickets, the Limerick native decided to do something about it. He scanned them on his phone and one of them ended up being worth €111.000.

Dramatic win of their favourite team “really put the icing on the cake” and they’ll use some of the prize money to secure tickets for the whole family for All-Ireland Hurling final match on August 19th. One of the winners described the prize as “a lovely sum of money” which will go a long way to help their family. In addition to travelling to Dublin again, they will use the rest to pay off their car loan and mortgage, and secure college funding for their kids.

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