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Ireland produces the last Euromillions jackpot winner of the year

This Friday night was really special for lotto enthusiasts around the continent, since it was their last opportunity to hit the Euromillions jackpot before the year ends. Millions of people were hoping they’ll match all the winning numbers, but only one player from Ireland managed to do it and walked away with €38.900.000 in their pockets.

The winning line that led to this extraordinary victory on December 29th consisted of the numbers 4, 8, 22, 23 and 48 with the Lucky Stars 1 and 12. What makes Irish player’s victory even more extraordinary is the fact no one even came close to netting a jackpot, since there were no winners of a second-prize tier for missing the jackpot by one of the Lucky Stars. Fortunately, ten players who correctly guessed the five main numbers scooped almost €160.000 each.

The National Lottery spokesperson described Friday night’s win as “a great way for a player to end the year and start the new.” Euromillions went full circle this year, since the first and the last jackpot millionaire of 2017 were both produced in Ireland. The title of the biggest Irish winner belongs to the members of a syndicate from Dublin, who shared €88.500.000 on January 24th. They were “absolutely delighted” after receiving the money, but said they won’t let it change who they are and the way they approach life.

“We will not be getting carried away with our win and we will return to normal everyday life as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to enjoying the win with our families and we might indulge by booking our sun holidays in the next couple of days,” said the spokesperson for the syndicate back in February.

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