How to Find Lucky Lotto Numbers and Lottery Statistics

Every gambler, whether they bet on sports, lotteries or card games, loves a good statistic. They are at the heart of every winning strategy and they help gamblers to better understand the games that they play and the ways in which they can be beaten.

On MultiLotto you will find the best stats on the best lotteries and more. It’s a veritable showcase of everything you need to know about these games. But in this guide we’re going to show you some of the best snippets, including lucky lotto numbers and the sort of lottery statistics that will make you rush out and buy a ticket.

The Biggest Lottery Jackpots Ever

The biggest ever lottery jackpot was won on a January 2016 Powerball game, with three ticket holders walking away with a share of $1.586 billion, or a $983 million cash value. But the amounts won by each of these players didn’t come close to the amount won by a single ticket holder in 2017.

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This player, from Massachusetts, won a jackpot of $758 million for a cash value of $480 million, breaking the record for the highest single ticket cash value and jackpot. They secured a return that was over $150 million more than the amounts won by each of the three ticket holders during the biggest ever jackpot.

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The third highest ever jackpot had a cash value of $474 million and was won on the Mega Millions by 3 thicket holders in 2012. If you look at the top ten jackpots ever, 6 were on the Powerball and 4 were on the Mega Millions.

You have to go a little further down the list, beyond the top 20 jackpots, to find a European jackpot. There you will find several jackpots paid out by the Euromillions, all in the value of €190 million, which is the maximum for this transnational lottery.

However, because of the rapidly fluctuating price differences between Pounds Sterling and Euros, and the fact that UK winners are paid in the former while the maximum is set on the latter, the highest ever UK jackpot was won at €185 million, even though another UK player won the full €190 million a year later.

What Is The World’s Biggest Lottery

The Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions pay hundreds of millions to single ticket holders, but if you base the title of the “biggest lottery” on the largest average jackpot and the total prize pool, none of these come out on top.

That accolade goes to the Spanish Christmas Lottery, which has total prize pools in excess of $2 billion and pays just under half this to the winner. The reason you don’t see this lottery smashing records is because it uses a unique system based on a “set” of tickets as opposed to single tickets. This means that there are often dozens of winners instead of just 1, 2 or 3.

Take the 2011 Spanish Christmas Lottery as an example. The total prize pool was in excess of $2 billion and the jackpot was nearly $950 million, but it was won by 180 ticket holders who each claimed around $5.

If you want to win all of the cash on the Spanish Christmas Lottery jackpot you could just buy the full block of tickets, but this would cost you hundreds of Euros and few lottery players want to spend that much.

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Lucky Lotto Numbers

Lottery draws are random, so you might expect all numbers to have fairly equal showings. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Each draw is unique and each one is completely random, so just because a number hasn’t been drawn as many times doesn’t mean it is somehow “due”. But it’s interesting to note the differences in the most and least drawn numbers.

For the Mega Millions, for instance, the number 17 has been drawn more than any other at the time of writing. It has appeared 217 times, while the number 59 has appeared just 31 times. And it’s even stranger when you look at the Megaplier. 4x has been picked 500% to 600% more than 5x and 2x.

On the EuroMillions, number 18 has been drawn the least while number 17, just one number below, has been drawn the most.

The UK National Lotto is even more telling, as it’s a long-running lottery that hasn’t made many changes throughout its runtime. If we discount all numbers above 49 (introduced in the last two years) then there are no notable ups and downs. The highest number has been seen 310 times while the lowest has been seen 239 times.

That’s because the longer the lottery has been going on, the more these things tend to even themselves out, especially with the 1 to 49 range found in the National Lottery. As an example, if we focus just on the last 3 years, following the increase to 59 numbers, we see that the number 33 has only made 18 appearances, compared to the numbers 54 and 58, which have appeared 40 times. And that is definitely a notable difference.

What’s more, both 54 and 58 appeared in draws to have taken place in the last week, while the number 23 has not made an appearance for 203 days. That’s huge when you consider there are two draws a week.

Other Lottery Statistics

Take a look at these lottery statistics to understand just how big these games can be:


  • If you were to win the Powerball and reinvest the money into playing one ticket per draw, that money would last between 4 and 6 million years (depending on the size of the jackpot).
  • There are 11.2 million potential number combinations on the Powerball. If you were to buy a ticket for each, it would cost you just under $600 million.
  • The lowest lottery jackpots can be infinitesimal compared to the highest. For instance, the lowest UK Lotto jackpot was £720,000, while the highest was £66 million, and they occurred just 18 months apart. There have also been many Powerball jackpots at just $10 million, even though the maximum was nearly $1.6 billion.
  • One Florida resident is said to have won the lottery a total of 7 times, turning chance into a career.
  • Four consecutive numbers have been drawn on three separate occasions, and in one Florida lottery 5 consecutive numbers (14, 15, 16, 17 and 18) were drawn.
  • Tens of billions of Euros have gone unclaimed in the last decade, including a EuroMillions ticket worth £63.8 million in 2012.


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