Dublin, Cork and Galway - the luckiest counties for Irish lotto players

Irish Lotto has marked its 3.000th draw on Saturday night, and lottery officials thought it would be fitting to celebrate this anniversary with looking back at some of the most glorious moments in this game’s history. They revealed which Irish counties produced the most impressive number of jackpot winners, with Dublin, Cork and Galway coming at the top of the list.

First Irish Lotto draw took place on April 16th 1988, and 1.738 jackpot victories later lottery officials uncovered the luckiest places for playing the lottery in Ireland. It didn’t come as a surprise that Dublin took the throne with 572 jackpot prizes being distributed to the players from the capital. Cork came in second with 172 jackpot victories, while Galway had to settle for the third place with 92. Players from Leitrim, Laois and Longford should probably think about buying there lottery tickets somewhere else, since these three counties proved as the least successful in producing jackpot winners.

Dermot Griffin, the chief executive of the National Lottery, said he enjoys welcoming new millionaires into their Winners’ Room and witnessing the most life-changing moment of their life. None of that would be possible if Irish Lotto hadn’t become the part of Irish culture over the course of the last three decades.

“Lotto has been one of Ireland’s favourite pastimes for almost 30 years and it captures the imagination of the public as much today as it did when it was first launched in 1988,” said Griffin.

He added it’s very important to remember that lottery players aren’t the only ones benefiting thanks to the success of this game. Nearly 30% of the money they invest into the lottery tickets is given back to charities that are trying to transform Ireland into a batter place.

“The total amount from sales of Lotto tickets alone which has gone back to Good Causes throughout the country is a staggering €2.9 billion which has benefitted projects and organisations in the areas of health, sport welfare, education, arts and heritage,” explained Griffin.

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