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Clare resident plans a sunny Christmas vacation after €500.000 Euromillions win

Scoring a major lotto victory at the end of the year usually tends to be the most exciting, because winners get to plan an extra-special Christmas for their whole family. One lucky lady from Clare is no exception – she recently scooped €500.000 and decided to celebrate it with “a sun holiday” just in time for Christmas!

The fortunate woman, who decided to stay anonymous, won €500.000 in Euromillions draw on October 6th. This game offered a record-breaking €190.000.000 jackpot that night, and after discovering it was won in Spain, the Clare resident didn’t even bother to check her numbers. It took her some time to learn that the €500.000 winning ticket was sold at Barry’s Mace Store in the small village of Ardnacrusha, the same place where she purchased hers.

“Despite the fact there was a lot of talk over the weeks of a big Euromillions winner in Clare it just never registered that it could be me. A few weeks later we were at home and I casually mentioned that I got a Euromillions ticket in Ardnacrusha. The house went absolutely wild with the anticipation as we searched for this ticket and we haven’t stopped celebrating since,” said the fortunate Clare resident.

The €500.000 victory came at the perfect moment, because it will allow winner’s family to plan an exotic Christmas vacation. She also intends to replace her old vehicle and share the rest of the money with her loved ones.

“The shopping list has been drawn up so we’ve a small few things to buy before we start acting sensibly with the money. I’m driving a banger of a car at the moment so I’ll definitely be trading that up! We’ll take care of the family of course but not before I take them all away on a sun holiday before Christmas,” said the lucky lady.

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