Can you guess the most common way to win a jackpot in Ireland?

People have been trying to uncover a secret formula to winning the lottery for centuries, but big jackpots still stayed out of their reach. Patience and team spirit usually prevailed, especially in Ireland. Working together toward a common goal led dozens of people to amazing prizes and syndicates proved to be the most popular way to win a life-changing jackpot in this country.


According to Dermot Griffin, CEO of the Irish National Lottery, syndicates have a great track record with Euromillions. Since this game launched in 2004, Ireland produced a total of twelve jackpot winners – seven of those were syndicates. This doesn’t come as a surprise when you look at a new survey conducted by the National Lottery, which states that almost a third of all Irish adults are a part of a syndicate.


The largest Irish jackpot won this way was worth €86.700.000. It was collected by a group of friends from Dublin, who said they’re “on top of the world” after claiming their windfall in September 2014, but refused to share any personal information. Another Dublin syndicate almost broke their record when they snatched a €88.500.000 cash reward in January 2017. This group of winners also stayed anonymous, but they were chattier after collecting their cheque and shared some of their plans for the future with lottery officials.


Most recent Euromillions jackpot won in Ireland was also collected by a syndicate – it belongs to members of a mysterious family from Dublin, who matched all the winning numbers in the last Euromillions draw of 2017 to become €38.900.000 richer.

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