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€500.000 Euromillions winner plans to take his wife to the city of love

Paris has always been considered a perfect spot for romantic escapades, with an endless list of fairy-tale adventures for lovesick couples to choose from. It’s one of the places on everyone’s bucket list, but one fortunate couple from Dublin will be crossing it off from theirs very soon – they’ll finally be able to take in the view from the Eiffel Tower thanks to a €500.000 lottery prize.

The winner who decided to stay anonymous snatched this impressive windfall in Ireland’s Euromillions Plus draw on October 27th with a ticket he purchased at the Centra shop on Ballyfermot Road in Dublin. The fortunate man discovered that he became €500.000 richer that very night, but it took him around three weeks to collect the cheque because he wanted to get his ducks in a row before officially coming forward.

“I found out about the win the night of the draw and I was surprisingly calm about it. I only told two people, my wife and my brother the next day. I wanted to make sure I got the right advice financially as I’ve never had anything near this huge sum of money in my life,” said the lucky Dublin resident.

He plans to use the money to do a couple of home improvements, starting with the kitchen and the garden. The rest of it will mostly go towards travelling with his wife, and they will kick off this exciting new chapter of their lives with a trip to Paris after Christmas. When it comes to more immediate plans, the amateur photographer already knows what his first big purchase is going to be.

“As soon as I get to the bank with this cheque, I’m going to head straight to the shops and get myself a new camera. I’ve been wanting a Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera so this is going to be my little treat!” said the €500.000 winner.

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